Learning Spanish with songs

One great tool which I have found useful during my Spanish Language learning process was to listen to songs in Spanish. Initially I really struggled with this, even in English I don’t always catch all of the words. But I learned to enjoy listening to songs in Spanish when I understood how I needed to go about it, which is what I will explain here in just a moment. But first, just to mention one of the great things about learning songs in Spanish is not just the fact that you don’t feel like and idiot when listening to the song or when humming along with your Spanish speaking friends but songs are only a few minutes long and this makes them very manageable to learn and help improve your comprehension when listening to words in Spanish.

If you have a favourite artist who sings in Spanish great, start with their songs. If not here are a couple of artists which you may or may not like, but I will at least give you as a reasonable starting point; (all of these can be found in youtube.com)

Charly Garcia – los dinosaurios, influencia

Juanes – la camisa negra, a dios le pido, para tu amor

Manu Chao – me gustas tu, clandestino, desaparecido

Corazon Serrano – estupido, cuatro mentiras, con la misma moneda

David Bisbal – buleria, para enamorarte de mi

Here are the steps I advise to getting to grips with songs in Spanish:

1) Pick a song that like (always easier listening to something you enjoy).

2) Listen to that song a couple of times in a row. Close you eyes and focus on listening to the words.

3) Pull out a pen or pencil and a notepad.

4) Replay the song in 10 to 20 seconds bursts, pausing it each time so that you can write down exactly what you hear – IT DOES NOT MATTER if it is correct, you want to write down what you hear, this will help you later on identify patterns in Spanish.

5) Repeat step 4 a few times until you think you have got as much of the song written down as you can.

6) Search for your chosen song in youtube.com and add ‘con lyrics’ (with lyrics).

7) Now watch the video one time entirely without pausing it. Pay attention to the lyrics on the screen and see if you can identify them with the words which are being sung.

8) Watch the song with lyrics and pause it to correct what you previously wrote in your notepad.

9) Any words which are new to you or you don’t understand take the time to open a dictionary and learn them. Often you will find that it is just that particular verb tense which you were not used to hearing.

10) Play the song back several times singing the words along with the artist.

11) The following day try playing the sound back and writing down the words again – obviously don’t play back the song with lyrics on youtube this time :)

12) Repeat these steps for several songs and you will be surprised at how much your comprehension of spoken Spanish increases.


Good Luck and post your results below.

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Quien Me Llama : Featured on Speakinglatino.com

I was delighted to be asked by Jared Romey over at SpeakingLatino.com to share some of the slang words that I had picked up in Peru. These slang words are all featured in Quien Me Llama? : Learn Peruvian Spanish Slang.

Speaklatino.com is a fantastic resource for Latino Spanish, well worth a visit before, during and after any trip to South America.

Here is the link to the article I put together for Jared. 7-spanish-slang-words-peru

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Free Children’s Book Give-away

So that all the readers of this site can have an opportunity to download my children’s novel for free on the kindle I have set up the 11th and 12th of Jan 2013 as free to download.

The novel is ‘The Adventures of Ron Smith’. This is the first book in the Ron Smith series. Here is the description from Amazon.com :
The Adventures of Ron Smith is the first book in the series. Ron is far from a popular kid, in fact he is that outsider, the kind of kid that has nothing wrong with them but they are just not popular. After finishing primary school Ron’s family decides to relocate from Chatham in Kent to Helston* in Cornwall. The trouble is they do this during the summer holidays.

All Ron wants is to have a pet dog. He believes this will help fill the void he has due to a lack of friends. His parents don’t want him to have a dog, but instead agree to buy him a guinea pig for his 11th birthday. Shortly after his birthday his new home is robbed, but only of a couple of documents from his father’s work are taken. His father is a policeman and the implications are serious. With the help of his guinea pig Ron is determined to solve the crime.

His adventures take him all around Helston in search of clues. In the process Ron uncovers far more than he ever expected and makes friends and enemies along the way.

*Helston is a town a Cornwall, UK. The author spent much of his childhood there.

I hope that you enjoy the book enough to leave a review of a ‘Like’ on amazon.
If there is something you do not like about the book, please feel free to contact me using my contact me form.


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Me at Machu Picchu

Welcome to my website. I will be using this website to  both showcase the books and I have written and published, and give some tips for others who would like self publish, but for some reason or another don’t seem to have been able to achieve their goal yet.

To date I have self publish five non-fiction books on the amazon kindle platform.  Three of these books are also available in printed form. I have used a print on demand publisher for those books. I have also put one of these books for sale in Barnes and Noble and iTunes using Smashwords. In future posts I will discuss some of the challenges you face and who to overcome them in getting your book published.

My current project is a fiction book. Actually it is a children’s novel, and I will detail the time it has taken and steps I have taking and am currently taking in order to complete this book.

There are making other aspects to self publishing which I will discuss in the pages of this website, which I hope you as my fellow author, or fellow future author will find useful. I have set up a contact me page which you can use to contact me if you have specific questions, have suggestions, comments in general or you would like to receive updates from me when my next books are available.

Also, I have an about me page which you can use to learn a little more about who I am. You will notice that although I have led an interesting life I am still a very normal person. I believe that if I have the ability to write and self publish books then there is no reason why you cannot also do the same. I am not claiming to have had huge success, but that was never my goal. By goal was to produce books that people would find useful if they are non-fiction and interesting and enjoyable if they are fiction.

Regarding comments on posts. To prevent this site from being bombarded by spam I have decided to not allow comments on any posts at this time. Should or when I find a suitable WordPress plug in that I am happy with then I will review this possibility as it is valuable to you just as much as it is to me. However, for the meantime, if you have any comments please use the contact me page.

Some affiliate links will be used on this website. Should you use any of them you will not be charged anymore for the product you purchase. I however, in some cases may receive a small commission from the vendor. I will be publishing an article on affiliate links in the future. For the meantime, if you have any concerns about my privacy then please see my privacy policy.

Thank you for visiting this site, I hope you find something of interest and something useful to help your self publishing goals.


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